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Metal Repair Paste

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A great alternative to welding repair with this Metal Repair Gel! Repair cracked or damaged metals back to perfection with the Heat Resistance Metal Repair Adhesive! This should help make your DIY metal repairs easy and fast!

Type: Hot Melt Adhesive
Shelf life: 2 years
Shear strength: 200 Mpa
Curing time: 24h
Mixing volume ratio: 1:1
Raw materials: epoxy resin, curing agent, toughening agent, reactive diluent, etc.
Adhesive material type: Filling of pores or crack casting defects in small metal parts

40g :  20g A  Gray mud-like paste + 20g B  White paste body
70g :  35g A  Gray mud-like paste + 35g B  White paste body

Package include:
1 X A, B Adhesive Gel